Allington’s storm dance

In music we have been looking at the theme of weather. Last week we created our own stormy pieces of music using the instruments.  This week we created our own dance.   We put on our dance kits and got straight to work.



We started by thinking of different movements for stormy weather. We then put them together to make a dance. Here are some photos of our creations.


These 3 children created this position just before the last crash of thunder.


A carefully held position as they mirrored each other movements .


Theses children have remembered there gym skills about creating different shapes together.


These girls mirrored each other perfectly!


We used a range of levels and movements to make it interesting to watch.

Watch out for a few clips as they will be posted shortly!

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2 Responses to “Allington’s storm dance”

  1. missahammond

    I love these photos. The pictures are amazing they really show the storm.

  2. Amber Dews

    I loved all of the photos , they were really good.All of it was amazing and Erins and Kimia’s position .It made me go “WOW”.

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